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      hopes and dreams. we've all got em. at least i think so. that's what im here to find out. what yours are.

      i ask people to tell me a little bit about themselves [ie. who they are. what they do. where they are. how old they are. what they like. dislike. what their demeanor is like.]

      then i take their picture. and ask them one last question...

      if they have any hopes and dreams, what are they. if they dont. why not...

      if you want in, message me!

      e: alwayshopefulblog@gmail.com

      my life...


      Jul 10 2009


      name: Debra Katherine Fileta
      what do you do:
      I work as a Therapist
      where are you:
      Peoria, Illinois
      how old are you:
      one thing you like:
      Writing…especially working on my book :)
      one thing you dislike:
      Wasting Time
      describe your demeanor in one word:

      do you have any hopes and dreams? if so, tell me about one. if not, tell me why not.:
      I have many hopes and dreams…most of my dreams can be summed up in a few words: Reaching out.  I believe I’m living some of them now: Working as a counselor, helping those in need has been a dream of mine since I was young, and it’s amazing being able to wake up and go to work, knowing that this is my calling, and watching that dream  unfold.  I hope to travel to Egypt many more times in my life, caring for the orphans there for the rest of my life.  I dream of investing time in the inner city, making a difference- even if only in one person’s life.  It’s exciting to dream, and I pray that God leads my dreams and my steps…one at a time.

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